About Kidtection

Why Kidtection?

Kid Protection Specialists (KPSs)  better known as Kidtectionists

Kidtection is the new generation of childcare, an agency for the 21st Century. Professional and inspiring in its approach.

Kidtection is the answer for parents who would like more peace of mind when hiring a nanny/manny for their children. Kidtectionists are responsible, committed, inspiring and fun.

Specialising in communication skills, inspired learning and also close protection, Kidtection was started by a group of professionals including parents, teachers, an ex-military security consultant and foster parents, along with an advisory board of cool kids.

Our collective experience in protecting and caring for children uniquely qualifies us to help shape the next generation of childcare. We provide nannies/mannies with the ability to look at your childcare and household management position from a different point of view.



All Kidtectionists have a responsibility to look after the direct and indirect actions of the children they are responsible for.  This includes supporting their physical, social, emotional, creative, and intellectual needs.

Not only do we surpass every nanny agency in screening (we investigate and evaluate), we also shape the future of childcare through the introduction of increased situational awareness.

Children of all ages, but especially young teens may not think they need keeping an eye on, but with a KPS on standby for all events your child will be in safe hands.

There should be no gender issues in childcare, so here at Kidtection we have both female and male KPSs. It’s time to get rid of the stereotypes!


Kidtection London childcare agencyKidtectionists are provided to families of all types, including celebrity, executive, and dignitary families or simply families looking for a 21st century approach to childcare.

Additionally our services are used by families travelling in hostile parts of the world, or single parents who want the added protection both for the child and themselves on short or longhaul travel (many of our Kidtectionists are amazing skiers).

KPSs are available as chaperones for your budding actors, or for that 15/16 year old’s night out.

Kidtectionists also bring order and management to a busy household, a common scene with two working parents.

We also know from the younger members on our advisory board it is cool to have a KPS as a member of your family.



Photo taken by  Venture Studios “Great Pioneers of the story telling image.”