The latest innovation in Childcare

SEONAID MACKENZIE serial entrepreneur from Sturgeon Ventures, has invested in Kidtection alongside Peter Conway, the founder. Seonaid saw the opportunity due to the lack
of childcare agencies focusing on the Tween and the Teen, and as a full-time working mother she saw the need for a Kidtectionist in her life.

Seonaid believes, as a mother of a Tween and a Teen herself, that a third person
is vital in the 21st century family. A Kidtectionist can be your eyes and ears

in social media where your Teen may not want you – for example on their Facebook or Instagram pages. At school it’s not cool for your Teen to have a nanny, but

a Kidtectionist is seen as a friend and a mentor during these changing years – someone to speak to about the tough issues at school or the first boy/girlfriend.

Benefits of having a Kidtectionist in the words of Margauz aged 11:

‘Having Peter as a manny is so much better than having a girl nanny, with the girls we have had before they didn’t want to play football and come skate boarding with us at the skatepark.

Having Peter with me
when we go places
makes me feel safe as people see him as an older brother and not a manny. When we go to different events or on holiday it makes me feel more confident.

When my friends ask who Peter is I say he is are bodyguard!!!.’

All the Kidtectionists are 24+. They can drive, swim, some ski and sail; all have at least basic Maths and English, often with higher levels of education and, on request, a second language.

It’s easy to understand why a Manny is
a great option for looking after boys but I know many parents have reservations when it comes to a Manny looking their daughters. Personally I found that a male influence had a positive effect on my daughter and both my kids were devastated when the time came for Pete to leave. Client testimonial