Kidtection – Our Candidates

Our KPSs are drawn from all walks of life
Our KPSs come from varied social and ethnic backgrounds
Our KPSs are British and from overseas
Our KPSs are female and maleKidtection London childcare agency
Our KPSs are all over 21 and above as we believe it takes some years to gain the level of life skills that we want to impart to your tweens and teens
Our KPSs have a strong command of English as a spoken and written language
Our KPSs all have at least basic maths skills to be able to assist with homework
Some of our KPSs are fluent in a second or third language (always request what you need)

Our KPSs are all able to drive a car
Our KPSs are all able to swim
Our KPSs all have an up to date DBS check
Some of our KPSs have security backgrounds/experience
Our KPSs all have household management skills
Our KPSs can all cook nutritious meals
Some of our KPSs have special needs experience
Our KPSs are all personable, fun and energetic
Our KPSs are more than anything good listeners
Our KPSs are a great addition to your family!

We invite you to welcome a KPS into your home.