What Do I Get from Kidtection

There are plenty of other childcare solutions. For example, an au pair, a weekend nanny, an after school nanny or an additional needs nanny. It simply depends on your requirements.
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A manny or nanny working with Kidtection, will be extremely skilled and provide you with the greatest level of versatility. Our Kid Protection Specialist (KPS) training ensures all our mannies or nannies meet unexpected needs.

Even if you don’t break out in a sweat over a television series or know about the latest craze or social media channel, you’re no different from every parent who wants to know that, when their children are not with them, they have every aspect cared for including their safety and security.

When a Kidtectionist manny or nanny is placed with you, they firstly evaluate the job of a traditional nanny. Secondly, Kidtection will ask questions and instigate other aspects such as establishing emergency protocol and disaster preparedness. Our mannies and nannies look after such things as smoke detectors and checking chemicals are out of reach from young ones. They are aware of suitable or unsuitable materials on the internet and how to track them. If things are not up to par, they will advise you and it becomes your prerogative to decide whether you will take the KPS advice.

Elementary school class outside

In some cases, depending upon your family needs, Kidtection will evaluate routes to and from schools and liaise with any other estate security or security details working with other family members.

Our London mannies are trained to be vigilant and your eyes and ears.