t’s amazing what a difference a pro-active, energetic, engaging and efficient Manny can make to you and your children’s lives.
This is exactly what I got when I employed Pete from Kidtection to look after my daughter (10) and son (9).

Pete was easy going, hard working and nothing was too much trouble. He was also a great cook and his ex military background meant that everything was organized and the house was always super tidy.

Kidtection has a knack for seeking out candidates who can relate to children and get down to their level whether its kicking a football or dealing with the stress of mountains of homework.

It’s easy to understand why a Manny is a great option for looking after boys but I know many parents have reservations when it comes to a Manny looking their daughters. Personally I found that a male influence had a positive effect on my daughter and both my kids were devastated when the time came for Pete to leave.

I have employed many nannies and one of the best thing about using a Kidtection Manny is I never felt I never had another person to look after in the house. Pete was level headed, independent, and did not need asking twice if something needed to be done. I knew that when the children were with him at home or out and about they were safe. Having a Manny look after your children was a breathe of fresh air for me and I would encourage any other parents considering this option to jump in with both feet. You won’t regret it.

Lucy Martin